Allison Douglas, Marketing Team

Associate Manager, Marketing
At a young age, Allison began traveling with her family to such destinations as Hawaii and Hong Kong, and, since then, she has had an insatiable appetite for exploration. She takes pride in creating detailed travel itineraries for even the shortest of weekend getaways, but she always leaves room for spontaneity—for instance, stumbling upon a breathtaking 17th-century Jesuit church in Vienna or popping into Little Nap Coffee Stand in Tokyo. Prior to joining Indagare, Allison worked for L’Occitane en Provence with an international team based in Paris, where she traveled semi-annually for business; she also worked in the publishing industry. Allison is a California native, New York transplant and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned a degree in International Trade and Marketing. When she’s not exploring nature (no small feat in New York City) or drinking coffee (very small feat in New York City), she can be found photographing her family pup.

Favorite Travel Quote: “So much of who we are is where we have been” — William Langewiesche

Travel Wish List: Nepal, Namibia, the Arctic, Salzburg

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