Elizabeth Myers, Bookings Team

Travel Operations
Elizabeth spent many summers of her youth in France and later lived and worked in Paris for a year after graduating from college. Her passion for travel is fueled by her love for history, art and architecture, whether she is exploring the ancient sites of Rome, wandering through the gardens of Musée Rodin or taking in the wonders of Mughal architecture throughout India. Elizabeth enjoys diving into a destination’s culture by walking from neighborhood to neighborhood and tasting the local cuisine, whether through a 20-course tasting or on a street food tour. Prior to joining Indagare, Elizabeth worked in retail as a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman.

Most Memorable Trips:
Discovering the splendors of Rajasthan and meeting villagers at Jawai, hiking the Huangshan Mountains in the Anhui province of China, eating pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain, and seeing Geishas stroll the temples in Kyoto, Japan.

Travel Wishlist:
Egypt, Copenhagen, Norway, Morocco, Tasmania, Bhutan

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