Hailey Savage, Bookings Team

Travel Operations
Born a Kiwi-American and adopted by a Canadian, Hailey grew up with a number of places to call home. After volunteering at a panda reserve in rural China at the age of 12, Hailey decided to immerse herself in world cultures and languages. She attended high school in Montréal and studied Mandarin intensively in Shanghai for a year, backpacked solo through Europe, and worked as an educational travel guide in Asia and Australia. Her degrees from Colgate University and Columbia University prepared her well for he work at Indagare, where she continues to grow her curiosity for the world.

Favorite Travel Memories:
Sunsets on the Great Wall of China; hiking the Tirolean Mountains of Austria; bungee jumping off New Zealand's Kawarau Bridge and the Macau Tower; swimming in Norway's glacial lakes; moped rides and river treks through Taiwan

Favorite Travel Books:
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer; The Turk Who Loved Apples by Mark Gross; The Beach by Alex Garland; Wild by Cheryl Strayed

 Travel Wish List:
Singapore, Vietnam, Uganda, Spain, Mexico

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