Holden Rhodes, Bookings Team

Travel Operations Assistant
Holden has always had a passion for exploring the unknown and finding beautiful, off-the-beaten-path locations. He graduated in 2017 from Trinity College with a degree in Political Science, after which he lived in Washington, DC, where he worked for the Department of Justice. His passion for travel and exploration was brought to new levels after a three-week trip to Thailand in high school, where he shadowed a professional mahout (elephant trainer) in the Chiang Mai Valley. In college, Holden studied in Rome as well as Paris, where he spent his free time wandering the cities to find the best cafés and most quaint neighborhoods. His passion for photography, architecture, and creative homes is always an important part of how he plans his own travel experiences.

Bucket List Destinations: Bali, Lisbon, Alaska, Maldives

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