Karina Atkins, Global Experience Team

Production Assistant
Karina got her passport when she was eight months old and has never let it expire. Her travels fuel her curiosity and inspire her interests. For example, a trip to Santiago when she was four began a life-long passion for horseback riding, and a trip to Barcelona as a teenager sparked a love for travel writing and photography. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Karina spent the summer exploring 17 European cities and went on safari in Kenya. On the heels of these adventures, she joined Indagare. As a production coordinator, Karina aspires to use the power of travel, nonfiction storytelling and digital media to connect people and foster empathy. When she's not making multimedia travel content, you can find her with her head in a book, riding horses or practicing yoga.

Bucket List Locations: Peru, New Zealand, Thailand and Poland

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