Kathryn Boswell, Bookings Team

Travel Operations Assistant

Kathryn grew up in a small village called Nareabu on the island of Santa Isabel in the South Pacific with parents, whose passion for linguistics was only matched by their passion for travel. Her first passport stamp came at just five weeks old, and she’s been collecting as many as she can ever since. Kathryn is a former Broadway actress, and her background in the arts has inspired the way she travels. Whether it’s spending a day wandering The Louvre in Paris or taking in a Dancing Horse Show in Lima, Peru, Kathryn believes so deeply in the power of cultural exchange as a way to connect with one another. She is always on the lookout for local gems and off-the-beaten path spots that provide rich context for social understanding.

Bucket List: Santorini, Sicily, Iceland, Amsterdam

Kathryn Recently Visited

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