Missy Weil, Bookings Team

Trip Designer
Missy’s love for travel and art history began as a teenager when she traveled to Greece. A foodie at heart, her favorite way to experience is through the local cuisine, from soufflés in Paris to—her ultimate favorite—pho in Vietnam. After growing up horseback riding and maximizing beach time during summers in Nantucket, she is constantly seeking to spend her time outdoors and is fascinated by geology and the earth's formations. Missy graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Arts Management in 2012. 

Travel Wish List
New Zealand, Chilean Patagonia, Bhutan, Tanzania, Tokyo

Favorite Restaurant
F.I.G, which stands for "food is good" in Charleston, helmed by James Beard award winning chef Mike Lata. In NYC, I Sodi.

Dream Trip
To visit all of the places her grandmother has fly-fished around the world. Specifically, Missy would like to visit the Lo Lo Pool in Argentina, which was named after her grandmother who caught a record trout there.

If you could live anywhere other than New York, where would it be?
Paris or on a vineyard in Sonoma


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