Phoebe Laughlin, Bookings Team

Travel Operations
Phoebe’s love of travel began at a young age and blossomed in high school during a three-month backpacking trek across Tanzania. During college, she realized her childhood dream of studying in Paris, during which time she explored much of France. The daughter of a photographer and a professionally trained chef, Phoebe is often inspired by her parents' fields and finds herself seeking natural beauty and incredible culinary experiences when she travels. Having studied social development and relationships in college, Phoebe loves meeting local people on the road and learning about new destinations from their perspectives. When she’s not traveling, Phoebe loves trying new recipes, meditating and exploring the city with friends.

Favorite Travel Memories:
Watching the moonrise over a vineyard in Santorini; spending the night on safari in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park; exploring the local food and flea markets of Pristina, Kosovo; enjoying an afternoon in a row boat on the waters of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Travel Wish List:
Sri Lanka, Ireland, India, Iceland

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