Place Wilson, Bookings Team

Travel Operations
From fly fishing in New Zealand to enjoying breakfast against the backdrop of Cape Town’s coastline, Place has experienced first-hand how travel can connect people with the present and touch lives. With a passion for wellness and hospitality, she was drawn to the travel industry because it offers the opportunity to create memorable experiences with a lasting impact. Place graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Psychology and Business. In addition to being a published poet and scientific author, Place wrote a book on wellness and emotional intelligence while living in Washington, D.C., which combined her love for writing with her desire to share her psychology expertise. As a self-proclaimed foodie, you can find Place experimenting in the kitchen or checking out restaurants in her spare time.

Most Memorable Travel Experiences:
Diving alongside green sea turtles off of the Gili Islands in Indonesia and watching at arm's length as saltwater crocodiles breached out of the water in Darwin, Australia.

Most Memorable Meal:
Dining under the stars on a wooden dock over the Waikato River at New Zealand's Huka Lodge.

Travel Wish List:
Egypt and Japan

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