Melissa Biggs Bradley

Back to Global Conversations Bonus Episode: Melissa Biggs Bradley, Indagare CEO and Founder

What does the future look like for travelers in a post-Covid world? Melissa Biggs Bradley assesses the current travel landscape after returning from Kenya for the first time since the pandemic began and shares her thoughts on the timeline to recovery, the need for a more considered approach, the pros and cons of Covid travel, and why she’ll never stop venturing out—as long as she is able.

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Indagare’s inaugural Future of Travel Summit was a week long, virtual series of events with some of our favorite hotel and destination partners as well as leading travel journalists from all over the world. On this bonus episode, we’re excited to share the keynote of Indagare founder and your host, Melissa Biggs Bradley, who really set the scene for our summit week with a speech that touched on many current themes including consumptive versus considered travel, the importance of global exchange and the positive power of travel to drive community empowerment, conservation and personal transformation. We hope you feel inspired after listening to this episode to plan your next adventure however far off it may be. You can also visit our website for the full downloadable transcript.


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