Back to Global Conversations 2.13: Zita Cobb, Entrepreneur and Innkeeper

Melissa Biggs Bradley talks with Fogo Island Inn’s Zita Cobb about the benefits of living a life outside and respecting the natural world; the bonds that form in the places that matter to us; misconceptions about remote and rural places—and the richness to be found in them; why one of Canada’s oldest settlements should be at the top of your list of places to go and much more.

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The last time Indagare spoke to Melissa’s guest, Zita Cobb (the remarkable Canadian businesswoman who founded Fogo Island Inn, a very special property off of Newfoundland), here’s a little of what she said:

“Our project asks a big question. How do we belong in the world? Whether you are a person or a community, how do you fit in in a way that has integrity? How do you become a whole person? How do you ensure that you aren’t just moving in and out of projects? We live together in a world that is out of balance. If you wanna be really extreme about it, our world is on fire and we are sadly both victims and perpetrators. We need to figure out how to make the world work within some idea of human communities.”

Amazingly, although these comments sound all too appropriate for today, that’s what Zita was saying back in 2015. Hers is clearly a well-informed and big picture, on target perspective. Zita grew up on Fogo, which is an island so remote, it has its own timezone. She was the only daughter out of seven children whose parents who could neither read nor write and who raised them in a house without running water or electricity; when she was five she caught tuberculosis and was sent to a sanatorium for a year—and by her early 40s, Zita became one of the highest paid women in all of North America.  For that, and many other reasons, she’s inspiring and compelling to listen to.


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