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Mongolia is the world’s least-densely populated country wedged between Siberia and northern China. For a place with such a storied history and singular culture, the country feels wild and the vast majority is hauntingly empty. Mongolia is home to unique natural charms, from the oldest national park on the planet to the extremely rare Bactrian camel.

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    Trailblazers | Adventurers
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    10 Days

Designing Your Journey

Work with Indagare to design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. Our travel experts know the destination inside and out, and they can make recommendations based on your travel needs and preferences.

  • 10 Days: Essential Mongolia-LP

    10 Days: Essential Mongolia

    Experience the best of Mongolia with a customized itinerary that includes special access, guided touring and remote activities. Here’s just one example of what our travel specialists can arrange for you.

    • Day 1-2: Ulaanbaatar

      Ulaanbaatar is a bizarre city of contrasts where Buddhist monasteries, traditional Mongolian gers and high-rise buildings sit side by side. Spend the first two days with an Indagare-vetted historian exploring the most interesting attractions: the Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum and the Zanzabar Fine Arts Museum. Afterwards, enjoy a dinner performance with traditional Mongolian dancers and Khoomi throat singers.

    • Days 2-6: Central Mongolia

      Venture into the stunning Mongol countryside, beginning in either Hustain Nuruu National Park or Gun Galuut Nature Reserve with one of Indagare’s favorite rangers. Hustain Nuruu National Park is home to the last remaining species of wild Przewalski horse, the takhi, while Gun Galuut Nature Reserve is in a river valley surrounded by sloping mountains. Indagare can arrange hikes (or horseback rides) through the valley to soak up the scenery, spot wildlife and visit a herder family.

    • Days 6-9: Gobi Desert

      Travel to the storied Gobi Desert with your guide and meet a local camel-herding family, traverse parts of the region on the back of a camel and hike through Yol Valley National Park. Also, visit Bulgan, a small farming town sustained by a natural spring, and Bayan Zag with its striking sandstone formations that are rich with dinosaur fossils. Indagare can arrange dinosaur digs with expert paleontologists who offer a unique perspective on the region.

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Indagare's Janine Yu
“Mongolia is one of the last remaining places on earth where silence fills your soul. The country has the lowest population density in the world, but its 3.2 million people proudly keep their ancient history and rich cultural traditions alive.”
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