ile de re

Île de Ré

Courtesy Anthony Choren

With its wind-swept beaches, white-washed villages and incredible seafood, Île de Ré, the so-called “Nantucket of France,” feels like a well-kept secret—and longtime loyalists prefer it that way.

  • Perfect for
    Families | Foodies | Romantics
  • When to go
    June-August | September-November
  • Ideal length of stay
    3-5 Nights

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simone girner indagare
Indagare's Simone Girner
This small Atlantic island, some three hours from Paris, feels like a privilege, a discovery, a well-kept secret even among the French visitors themselves.
olivia le calvez
Olivia Le Calvez, designer and owner of Villa Clarisse and Hotel de Toiras
Every first-time visitor should bike along one of the 100 kilometers of bicycle paths, stopping to sample oysters directly from the producers in the salt marshes with, of course, a glass of our own wine, Château Clarisse.
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