The Seattle skyline at twilight


Photo by Zhifei Zhou

A great fire (1889), a frenzied gold rush (1897), a World’s Fair (1962) and the formation of an airplane company called Boeing and a computer company called Microsoft were all seminal events that shaped Seattle’s history and made it what it is today.

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    Families | Foodies | Intellectuals
  • When to go
    June-August | March-May | September-November
  • Ideal length of stay
    3-5 Nights

Designing Your Journey

Work with Indagare to design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. Our travel experts know the destination inside and out, and they can make recommendations based on your travel needs and preferences.

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    Essential Seattle

    Seattle has one of the most famous cityscapes in the world, which is best experienced with a customized itinerary. Here is just one example of what our destination experts can create for you.

    • Day 1

      Seattle is a sprawling city with lots of neighborhoods to explore, a lively downtown core and a half-carny waterfront that attracts the sea-lion’s share of tourist attention. Spend your first day exploring the city’s maritime history and quirky seaside neighborhoods with a guided tour, and meals at Indagare’s favorite foodie restaurants.

    • Day 2

      Spend your day soaking in Seattle’s rich cultural offerings. The Art Museum holds fine collections of Northwest Coast Native American art, African art and contemporary art by Northwest artists. Seattle also has a thriving music scene that ranges from classical to rock. Catch a show after dinner and drinks at your hotel.

    • Day 3

      Enjoy your last day in Seattle by visiting some of the most popular markets and local boutiques. The Pike Place market is the city’s number one tourist attraction—a massive farmer’s market overlooking the waterfront where you will find fresh produce and meats, handmade crafts, specialty foods, baked goods and more. Stop by the Space Needle for a photo before an Indagare-arranged wine tasting in the evening.

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