Giving Back in Morocco: Project Soar

To the young women growing up in Morocco’s rural villages, staying in school, unfortunately, is not always a given. In fact, only 6% of girls outside of cities attend secondary school, as many are obligated to earn a living and marry at a young age. But Project Soar–a non-profit organization helping to educate and empower young women–works to prepare a brighter future for some of these girls.

Founded in 2012 by two American entrepreneurs, Project Soar provides educational workshops and activities for young women aged 12-17 in rural Morocco. These programs promote leadership and female empowerment, be it through sports, team building or creative projects. They come at no cost for girls to attend; participants must only sign a pledge promising they will stay in school. The organization started small and worked with just one village, but has since expanded to support more than 250 girls–many of whom lack guidance on topics of women’s issues and feminine health.  Now with several outposts throughout Morocco, Project Soar invites travelers to take part in these weekly workshops and even design lessons in tandem with the program’s curriculum.

“Project SOAR is a small organization that’s making a huge and growing impact,” says Jackie Cittone Magid, Executive Director of The Bodhi Tree Foundation, which supports the project and offers travelers to Morocco the opportunity to get involved. By providing resources, support and motivation, SOAR is helping hundreds of girls live more fulfilling lives–and they are just getting started.

Interested in getting involved or visiting a workshop with Project SOAR? Contact the Bookings Team to begin your trip.

– Blair West on May 17, 2017



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