[{"id":114736,"title":"Inema Arts Center Shop","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114736\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/shops\/114736\/\">Inema Arts Center Shop<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">KG 563 Street, Kigali<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9440834,30.090102600000023","type":"shop","show":0},{"id":114567,"title":"Caplaki Craft Village","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114567\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/shops\/caplaki-craft-village\/\">Caplaki Craft Village<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">, KK 2 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9628079,30.06949320000001","type":"shop","show":0},{"id":114563,"title":"Rwanda Clothing Company","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114563\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/shops\/rwanda-clothing-company\/\">Rwanda Clothing Company<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Nyarugenge, Gitega<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9557926,30.056412799999976","type":"shop","show":0},{"id":202239,"title":"Anda","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-202239\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/restaurants\/anda\/\">Anda<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">KG 566 Street, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9510488,30.0993727","type":"restaurant","show":0},{"id":202168,"title":"Choose Kigali","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-202168\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/restaurants\/choose-kigali\/\">Choose Kigali<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">KN 43 Street, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9599693,30.0664178","type":"restaurant","show":0},{"id":114747,"title":"Heaven","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114747\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/restaurants\/heaven\/\">Heaven<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">, 7 KN 29 St, Kigali<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9469535,30.065089400000033","type":"restaurant","show":0},{"id":202250,"title":"Meza Malonga","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-202250\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/restaurants\/meza-malonga\/\">Meza Malonga<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">KG 8 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9561069,30.1055659","type":"restaurant","show":0},{"id":159978,"title":"Wilderness Safaris Magashi Camp","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-159978\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/magashi-camp\/\">Wilderness Safaris Magashi Camp<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Akagera National Park<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.879612,30.70401990000005","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":160044,"title":"One&Only Nyungwe House","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-160044\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/one-and-only-nyungwe-house\/\">One&Only Nyungwe House<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Gisakura, Nyamasheke Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-2.446958,29.103924000000006","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":180708,"title":"One&Only Gorilla’s Nest","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-180708\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/oneonly-gorillas-nest\/\">One&Only Gorilla’s Nest<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Volcanoes National Park, Kinigi Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.432074,29.566613","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":184901,"title":"Singita Kwitonda","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-184901\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/singita-kwitonda\/\">Singita Kwitonda<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Ruhengeri, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.4226193,29.619646","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":114612,"title":"The Retreat at Heaven","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114612\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/the-retreat-at-heaven\/\">The Retreat at Heaven<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">KN 29 Street, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.9472729,30.0651165","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":36497,"title":"Volcanoes Virunga Lodge","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-36497\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/volcanoes-virunga-lodge\/\">Volcanoes Virunga Lodge<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Virunga<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.4470588,29.7412992","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":36495,"title":"Wilderness Sabyinyo Lodge","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-36495\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/hotels\/wilderness-sabyinyo-lodge\/\">Wilderness Sabyinyo Lodge<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.4164698,29.5703546","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":114744,"title":"Ellen Degeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114744\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/activities\/dian-fossey-gorilla-fund\/\">Ellen Degeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">, Kinigi, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.430804,29.5638287","type":"activity","show":0},{"id":114590,"title":"Inema Arts Center","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114590\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/rwanda\/activities\/inema-arts-center\/\">Inema Arts Center<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Kacyiru, Kigali, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.939329,30.080966399999966","type":"activity","show":0},{"id":114589,"title":"Wilderness Bisate Lodge","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-114589\"><h3>Wilderness Bisate Lodge<\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri, Rwanda<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-1.5029396,29.5931254","type":"current","show":1}]

Wilderness Bisate Lodge

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One-of-a-kind, authentic, eco-design

Volcanoes National Park Ruhengeri, Rwanda +250 788-315-269

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At a Glance

Adjacent to Volcanoes National Park, Bisate, a Wilderness camp, is made up of a series of spherical fiber-thatched pods with domed roofs, including six sophisticated forest villas built into an eroded volcanic cone. They take their design inspiration from the King’s Palace at Nyanza, home to Rwanda’s last traditional monarchs. Each suite has a bedroom area and a grand bathroom with a deep soaking tub and a shower carved out of volcanic rock, and both have knock-out views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Interiors draw on Rwandan craftsmanship, incorporating woven baskets and colorful kitenge fabrics, and the emerald green in the chandeliers, made locally from recycled glass, reflects the green hills of Rwanda’s countryside. Imigongo tiles with geometric patterns appear in spaces like the wine cellar, where guests can have a private meal. This is the place to base yourself for gorilla-trekking, with visits to local villages and lakes, birding walks and participating in Bisate’s forest rehabilitation program.

The Standout: The attentive Rwandan team, who make Bisate visitors feel immediately at home
Don’t Miss: A traditional Dusabane dinner with local cuisine served in peace baskets

Indagare Loves

  • The suites with incredible views of nearby volcanoes
  • The wine cellar, which is decorated with geometric patterned tiles and is a perfect spot for a private meal
  • Spending time and planting a sapling with the lodge’s agronomist, who is in charge of an ambitious reforestation project
  • The warm and friendly staff, who make a stay at Bisate feel more like one at a friend’s home

Bisate Lodge Review

On a stunning hillside near Volcanoes National Park, a series of thatched huts that resemble peanut shells appear almost like a mirage. Volcanic stone steps lead up to the main building, which houses the lounge, bar, dining area and the lodge’s six suites. Fiber-thatch, which looks like leaf thatch but is made from recycled plastic strips, adorns each structure and is a testament to the focus on sustainable design throughout Bisate. Volcanic stone walls and fireplaces emphasize the grandeur and the durability of the surrounding volcanoes, which are always on view from the terraces, where black and white striped chairs and loungers invite all-day lingering before and after gorilla-trekking.

The six suites consist of a bedroom area and a large bathroom with a soaking tub, both with knock-out views from floor-to-ceiling windows. Interiors draw on traditional elements of Rwanda such as the bright colorful fabrics of the Great Lakes region. The emerald green in the chandeliers of recycled glass pay tribute to the deep green hills of Rwanda’s countryside. The traditional craft, Imigongo—geometric-patterned tiles made from cow dung—appear in spaces like the wine cellar, which is a perfect spot for a private meal. The culinary program at Bisate is incredible, given the property’s remoteness: guests can enjoy delicious sweet potato gnocchi and mezze platters at lunch and fare including butternut squash with wild rice, chickpeas and feta for dinner.

While the rates at Bisate do not include gorilla permits, which must be arranged separately, activities offered by the lodge include trekking to see the gorillas and the golden monkeys but also visiting local villages and lakes, birding walks and participating in the forest rehabilitation program. The lodge has an agronomist who is in charge of an ambitious reforestation project, and guests can spend time meeting with him and planting a sapling to help increase the gorilla habitat. And after a long day of trekking, there’s no better way to relax than with an in-room massage.

It is common on a visit to Volcanoes to primate trek on your final day in the region (often before flying out of the country on late flights that same day) and all lodges have early check-out times. To solve this problem, Bisate recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind stylish new day lounge called Kwanda located at the base of Bisate Lodge. Kwanda offers four spacious en-suite relaxation rooms, each with a bathroom and lounge area allowing guests to shower and change or also opt for an in-room massage before leaving property. The lounge has a spacious circular open-plan featuring a traditional center fireplace, comfortable leather couches for lounging and the Bisate Boutique, which is stocked with local art and artisanal crafts. Guests can also enjoy lunch at the Bisate Kwanda restaurant (don’t miss the pizzas from Bisate’s brand new pizza oven!), which has both indoor and outdoor seating – the lounge is set in Bisate’s organic vegetable garden. The day lounge makes it even more challenging to leave the property and this option also prevents guests from needing to pay for a day-room once back in Kigali before flights out of the country. A win-win all around.

Who Should Stay

Those seeking both adventure, authenticity and ultimate intimacy and luxury.

Who Should Not Stay

Anyone with mobility issues; there are a lot of steps to climb to and from rooms. Also larger groups or people who are looking for a communal experience with other guests, as rooms are spread out and the emphasis is more on privacy than camaraderie. This lodge is also not for those looking for the amenities of a larger resort. If a spa, pool and wellness center are of interest than One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is the better option.
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