Cape Town


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Cape Town’s center is ruled by Long Street, a thoroughfare lined with restaurants, cafés and boutiques, mostly of the hippie-chic fashion variety. Be aware that most of the wooden carvings and beaded trinkets sold by the street vendors is not actually made locally. Cape Town also has a burgeoning contemporary art scene, so take some time to visit galleries.

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[{"id":75734,"title":"Watershed","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-75734\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/africa\/south-africa\/cape-town\/va-waterfront\/shops\/watershed\/?shoptype=markets\">Watershed<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">17 Dock Rd.<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"-33.904063922390804,18.41803729534149","type":"current","show":1}]

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