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Wild Mongolia

Mongolia is the world’s least-densely populated country, wedged between Siberia and northern China. It is one of the last remaining places on earth where the silence and emptiness of the landscapes around you truly fill your soul. Still, Mongolia’s 3.2 million people proudly keep their ancient history and rich cultural traditions alive—and protect its unique natural charms, from the oldest national park on the planet to the extremely rare Bactrian camel. On this journey, venture with Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley into the wilds of the steppes and deserts for an intimate, unforgettable discovery of a world that surpasses time.

The health and safety of our travelers is our number-one priority. We are committed to upholding the highest safety standards, while providing world-class hospitality and a seamless travel experience. We are in close contact with all of our partners to ensure that they are committed to the health and comfort of our travelers by practicing enhanced disinfecting procedures, respecting social distancing and testing guidelines, and remaining as low-contact as possible. For more information and questions about specific protocols that have been put into place to make your trip as safe as possible, as well as entry/exit requirements for Mongolia, please reach out to our team at insiderjourneys@indagare.com.

A spot on this trip can be reserved with a non-refundable $2,500 deposit, per person. Payment is due in full by May 1, 2022 and is non-refundable.

What to Expect

Itinerary highlights include:

  • Discover the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, where traditional Buddhist monasteries and temples sit side by side with modern high-rises, while staying at the Shangri-La Hotel. Here, museum visits with expert guides will introduce you to Mongolian history and art; plus, you’ll have the chance to meet with the designers that are evolving Mongolia’s renowned contemporary fashion and crafts scenes.
  • Explore the villages and valleys of Bayan-Ulgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia. Dominated by the Altai Mountains, Mongolia’s highest range, this isolated area has preserved the language, culture, and traditions of the Kazakh people who settled here centuries ago and are known for their impeccable textile work (there will be time to shop the markets!).
  • Spend the day with the famous Kazakh Golden Eagle hunters and their magnificent trained birds.
  • Learn about the traditions of the Mongol warriors and nomads with immersive cultural exchanges focused on archery and horsemanship.
  • Discover Mongolia’s paleontological treasures in the company of a paleontologist, who will invite you for a behind-the-scenes tour of a local laboratory to examine the latest batch of dinosaur fossils excavated from the field.
  • Explore the stunning expanses of the Gobi Desert—home to camels, sheep, golden eagles and gazelles—while based at the Indagare-Adored Three Camel Lodge. Highlights will include trekking in Yol Valley National Park, meeting a local nomadic herding family and learning about the traditions of the desert cultures, and visiting Tugrigiin Shiree, one of the most famous paleontological sites in the world, for a hands-on experience of a dig.
  • Connect with fellow travelers who share your interests and passions over group meals and outdoor adventures.
  • Worry less, experience more: Indagare’s expert Insider Journeys team will help you navigate a safe and rewarding travel experience—and help plan custom trip extensions to China, Uzbekistan or beyond. Plus: you’ll be guided through the new travel landscape by our founder Melissa Biggs Bradley and our most trusted local partners while on the ground.

Please note that elements of the itinerary may change.

  • When
    August 16 - 26, 2022
  • Length
    11 days / 10 nights
  • Type of Traveler
    Adventurers , Trailblazers , Soul Searchers

This Journey's Host


After a successful career as an editor at Town & Country, Melissa founded Indagare in 2007 because she believed that creating a platform for exchange between passionate travelers would allow for more transformative journeys and meaningful global connections. Since then, she has been recognized as a pioneering entrepreneur in the luxury travel space, as well as one of the foremost experts on travel to Africa. She has visited more than 100 countries over the course of her travels. Melissa’s first book, Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges, will be released in the fall of 2021.

Curious to receive the full itinerary and join the trip? Contact us and find out more.

Trip Details

In preparation for the journey, members will also receive a comprehensive departure package that includes an itinerary, packing list, accommodations overview and other important information.

  • When
    August 16 - 26, 2022
  • Length
    11 days / 10 nights
  • Group Size
    Up to 12 travelers
  • Host
    Melissa Biggs Bradley
  • From
    Upon request


  • Nine nights’ accommodations at Indagare's favorite Mongolia hotels
  • All meals and beverages, as detailed in the itinerary
  • All guided touring, admission fees and activities, as detailed in the itinerary
  • Group airport arrival and departure transfers, as well as group transfers by car and plane throughout Mongolia to all included stops
  • Expert guides, including the 24/7 support of Indagare’s partners on the ground
  • The services of Indagare’s expert travel team to plan all trip details, international flights and trip extensions (costs not included)


  • Transportation to/from Mongolia
  • Meals not specified and premium or alcoholic beverages; optional activities and personal items and expenses
  • Gratuities
  • Covid testing and visa fees
  • Trip insurance and medical insurance (highly recommended— please let us know if you would like to see quotes)
  • Liability for change in itinerary due to reasons beyond our control (change in flights, cancellations, political disturbances, natural phenomena)
Curious to receive the full itinerary and join the trip? Contact us and find out more.

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