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Long a bastion of understated cool, the Danish capital is abuzz with ground-breaking restaurants and is a great destination for a last-minute long weekend getaway.

Cheat Sheet

  • Sleep… in one of the seventeen rooms at the Nimb hotel inside Tivoli Gardens
  • Experience…a concert in Jean Nouvel’s extraordinary concert hall
  • Splurge… on dinner at Noma for great Arctic cuisine
  • Eat…ice cream and heart-shaped waffles at Vaffel Bageriet in Tivoli
  • Tour…the city on your own bike when you stay at the Hotel D’Angleterre
  • Savor…the views of the historic palaces and warehouse on a canal cruise
  • ExperienceLegoland (and Explorama at Danfoss Universe) if you are traveling with kids
  • See…the Amalienborg Palace where the Danish royals still live
  • Shop… for great Danish design at the famous department store Illums Bolighus
  • Visit… the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
  • Know…that as an Indagare member you can contact our Bookings Team for customized recommendations, great guides and drivers and itineraries

Newly Added:

Designmuseum Denmark, The Standard

Lay of the Land

“If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair.”
~Connie Nielson

Copenhagen is an easy city to navigate by foot or bike. Most sights and restaurants are located within the central tourist district and those further afield are reachable by taxi. When visiting the Louisiana Museum and Legoland both take at least half of a day and can be reached via train or taxi.

The best way to navigate Copenhagen is to travel by foot—not only because the city is clean, compact, and topographically flat, but also because Copenhageners have long been known for their progressive population and healthy, active lifestyle. It’s said that in her youth, the Danish queen was known to ride her bike around the city’s breezy, tree-lined avenues; and in 2006, Ritt Bjerregaard, the city’s first female Lord Mayor, was elected on a “pro-cycling platform.”

The city has gained green fame for its spectacularly successful bicycle program. From April through November every year, 2,000 free bycyklen are provided by the city, with 110 racks for parking the well-kept, carbon-free vehicles. Not only did this forward-thinking urban movement win Copenhagen the 2008 “Best Low Carbon Transport and Technology” award from Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards, but economically there has been a valuable civil rehabilitative aspect. Copenhagen’s bicycle program provides new jobs around town for 30 rehabilitates every year, with an 80% success rate of continued employment afterwards.

If you do need a rest, grab a taxi with a green light or a “FRI” sign above it. As with restaurant and hotel bills, taxi fares include gratuity and rounding up is a common practice.

Getting There

Most major airlines offer daily flights to Copenhagen International Airport.

When to Go

As a Nordic city, Copenhagen has similar, yet colder, seasons compared to the American Northeast. Temperatures throughout winter are in the 20°’s and 30°’s, and summertime is milder, with an average of 60°. The best times to visit are the warmer months; late spring, summer and early fall are crisp and beautiful. Note that during the colder months, the sun sets in the mid-afternoon, so activities should be planned accordingly.



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