The Vintage Caper, Peter Mayle, 2010
En route from Hollywood to Marseille, Mayle’s novel covers a world-class wine heist, unraveled through accounts of French sensory delights, and accompanied by entertaining characters. Even sophisticated wine connoisseurs will learn from this celebrated chronicler of French food and life.

Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe, Nancy Goldstone, 2007
The 13th-century count of Provence had four beautiful daughters who, once married, went on to become queens of France, England, Germany and Sicily. Each woman was faced with challenges and in turn shattered unfair gender roles.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life, Alison Weir, 2001
A biography about the queen who was renowned for being the most beautiful woman in Europe as well as one of the greatest heroines of the Middle Ages. Queen Eleanor defied gender roles as she exercised power through advising and influencing powerful male family members.

Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer’s Tour of France, Kermit Lynch, 1990
Lynch recounts his experiences traveling along the French wine route and through the country’s top cellars, stopping in the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, the Languedoc, Provence, Northern and Southern Rhone and the Cote d’Or.

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