What Are the Best Greek Islands for Travelers?

Mainland Greece is surrounded by enchanting archipelagoes comprising 2,000 islands, of which approximately 170 are populated. Although Santorini and Mykonos are justly famous, other isles boast rich histories, ancient ruins, varied landscapes, charming medieval villages and unspoiled beaches ripe for exploring. Here, Indagare shares the best Greek islands for three different kinds of travelers. Contact Indagare to plan a customized itinerary to Greece, which includes one of the below islands. 

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Best Island for Adventurers: Crete

The largest island in the Aegean Sea, Crete has a diverse terrain, from snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches to dramatic gorges, as well as resorts offering a comprehensive list of amenities. As the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, it will enchant ancient history buffs, and active types will enjoy trekking through its jagged ravines, snorkeling in its aquamarine water and sailing to remote coves during their visit.

Overview: Greece’s largest island offers a dynamic mix of historic ruins, varied landscapes, glamorous hotels and beautiful beaches.
Getting There: Take a direct flight from Athens, a private helicopter from Mykonos or a hydrofoil from Santorini.
Where to Stay: Elounda Beach, a grand waterfront resort with villas and bungalows
Highlights: Visiting the ruins of Knossos, the Minoan capital, boating to Spinalonga island, trekking the Samarine gorge, snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking

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Best Island for Culture Lovers: Paros and Antiparos

Paros, the second-largest Cycladic island, reached the apogee of its glory during the Classical period, thanks to its world-famous marble. It is spotted with ruins, evidence of occupation by a series of cultures and civilizations going back to 3,200 BC. A longtime cultural hub, it attracts international artists and art aficionados to its contemporary exhibitions and events. Just off the coast of Paros, tiny Antiparos has largely escaped the effects of mass tourism and boasts lovely turquoise water, pristine beaches and stunning stalagmite caves.

Overview: Paros offers the best of the Cyclades: whitewashed villages, charming harbors and secluded coves, along with a rich cultural scene.
Getting There: Take a direct flight from Athens or a ferry from Santorini or Mykonos
Where to Stay: One of Indagare’s favorite private villas
Highlights: Visiting the beaches of Psaraliki and Soros, watching the breathtaking sunset from Vathys Volos, canoeing or kayaking between Antiparos and Despotikon.

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Best Island for Families: Corfu

Located in the Ionian Sea west of mainland Greece and a one-hour flight from Athens, the island of Corfu is markedly different from the small, windswept Cyclades in size — it is about ten times as large as Santorini — and topography, with lush landscapes that are green year-round, thanks to heavy rains in the winter. It also differs in its culture, which, due to its proximity to Italy, displays a strong Italian influence in its cuisine and architecture. Corfu Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with neoclassical mansions, wide piazzas and three forts designed by Venetian engineers. The island has spectacular swimming coves fringed with tropical plants and fruit trees, as well as Greece’s largest selection of private villas, making it an ideal spot for a family vacation.

Overview: Corfu is a lush gem of an isle evincing strong Italian influence in its cuisine and architecture.
Getting There: Take a one-hour flight from Athens.
Where to Stay: One of the island’s many private villas or Corfu Imperial, a seafront luxury resort
Highlights: Wandering around Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting the many small bays and beaches, yachting to the pristine isles of Paxos and Antipaxos

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Where to Stay? Try a Greek Villa Rental

Greece boasts some of the most spectacular private villas in the world, with incredible sea views, open-air layouts and true privacy, plus luxe amenities like private pools, gyms, beach fronts, movie theaters and helipads. Indagare has excellent relationships with the islands’ top villa agencies and can help choose the best villa for your group based on your destination and interests. We can also arrange for private chefs, instructors and babysitters, as well as organize excursions and on-property activities.

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– Kira Reinke on June 27, 2017


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