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So otherworldly it was where Neil Armstrong practiced for his moon expedition, Iceland is known for its striking natural landscapes. Beyond Reykjavik, the countryside (including the much-lauded Golden Circle) is wild and beckons with great adventures. Travelers looking to stay in style decamp to northern Iceland’s Troll Peninsula, a mountainous region that borders the Arctic Ocean and is home to a spectacular five-star lodge known for heli-skiing and fly-fishing.

Cheat Sheet

  • Sleep…at the immaculate, 13-room Deplar Farm
  • Experience…the Northern Lights from the pool at Deplar Farm
  • Splurge…on a private helicopter for a day of heli-skiing from summit to sea
  • Eat…Atlantic salmon caught during a day spent fly-fishing
  • Drink…Brennivín, an Icelandic liquor that is traditionally served with fermented shark
  • Savor…the spa at Deplar Farm, which offers several pools as well as float tanks
  • Visit…the once flourishing and now sleepy fishing town of Siglufjörður
  • See…what it’s like to ride an Icelandic horse, which has an extra gait
  • Know…that as an Indagare member you can contact our Bookings Team for customized recommendations, great guides and drivers and itineraries

Lay of the Land

One of the least populated regions in the country, northern Iceland’s Troll Peninsula (Tröllaskagi) is a beautiful coastal destination known for its dramatic peaks (many of which rise 3,000 feet above sea level) and lush, deep valleys that were carved during the Ice Age. Located between two fjords, the peninsula has a smattering of small towns, but most travelers visiting this area will be based at the luxurious Deplar Farm hotel, which boasts an isolated location and sits on 3,000 acres of land.

The far-flung Troll Peninsula offers a wealth of active pursuits, from coastal activities like whale-watching, sea-kayaking and surfing to land-based adventures including hiking, biking, horseback riding and visiting hot springs. The area is particularly acclaimed for extreme sports like heli-skiing (the season lasts from mid-March to early June), as well as fly-fishing, which is best from June through September.

Primarily an adventure destination, the Troll Peninsula also boasts a few small fishing villages worth visiting. The most famous is Siglufjörður, which rose to prominence during the first half of the 20th century, when it was the world capital of the herring industry. The burgeoning seaside destination’s growth halted in the 1960s, when Iceland’s herring stocks disappeared as a result of overfishing. The town never bounced back (herring have not yet returned to northern Iceland) and currently has a population of just 1,200. Siglufjörður’s rich maritime history is displayed at its Herring Era Museum.

Getting There

Travelers staying at Deplar Farm must fly from Reykjavik’s domestic to Akureyri (a 35-minute flight), where they will be picked up and driven to the hotel (a one-and-a-half hour drive). Those wishing to see more of the countryside can drive four hours from Reykjavik to the property. Deplar Farm also has an on-property airstrip that can accommodate large private jets.

When to Go

Northern Iceland is best visited from March to November, when the days are long and the weather is not too extreme. Heli-skiing season lasts from mid-March to early June (but is entirely dependent on the year’s snowfall) and the fly-fishing season is from mid-June to mid-September. Deplar Farm is a great destination year-round as it offers ample activities that can be enjoyed with any weather. The Northern Lights can be seen any time of year, but are most visible when the night sky is pitch black, so travelers have a higher chance of seeing the phenomenon between October and April than during the summer.

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