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The largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, Mexico City, while remaining deeply-rooted in tradition, is in the midst of a modern renaissance. Visitors to the capital will experience its dynamism: ancient ruins juxtapose with modern architecture, age-old flavors pervade experimental cuisine and the colorful, vibrant city continues to evolve in its cultural identity.

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Located in the heart of Mexico, the landlocked Mexico City is home to 21 million residents and serves as the financial, political and cultural hub of the country. The city exemplifies its hallmark as the oldest capital city in North America, and you can feel the complex history in the magnetic metropolis immediately upon arrival. While its substantial size can overwhelm first-time visitors, the capital is composed of small, unique colonia, or neighborhoods, which each possess their own distinct character. These neighborhoods (including the stylish Polanco neighborhood, the trendy Roma district and the historic Centro) are ideal for exploration. In particular, the business district of Paseo de la Reforma is the urban pulse of the city and home to the top-notch Four Seasons and St. Regis hotels. Just south of the business district is the quaint colonia of San Angel, composed of tiny cobblestone streets and walls of hanging bougainvillea, which feels worlds away from the urban center it borders.

Mexico City is located just 9 miles from its large international airport, and direct flights here are available from most major airports. Even though the city is large and sprawling, visitors need not rent a car, as transportation can easily be arranged through hotel concierges (Uber service is also widely available and inexpensive). However, keep in mind that traffic can be very congested during certain times of the day. Hopping from neighborhood to neighborhood can take longer than expected, so planning your day out in advance is key.

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