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Aspen has more than eighty restaurants crammed within its borders, an astounding number for such a small community. Even more surprising is that many of these eateries rank with those in the world’s biggest cities. Ingredients are sourced locally and menus tend to feature healthy, organic dishes rather than greasy, ski-town pub fare (although the truffle fries at Ajax should not be missed). When Aspen regulars don’t feel like fighting for a table in high season, they turn to the insider’s gourmet secret weapon, A La Car ( This food delivery service allows you to browse the menus of more than a dozen of the top restaurants, including Kenichi, Ute City, Brunelleschi’s Pizza and Mezzaluna and then order your meal to be brought straight to you in high-tech heating packages. Plan ahead because though the delivery should take only an hour, with traffic and weather, during high season, it can take a lot longer (and PS, they also deliver groceries with twenty-four hour notice).

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[{"id":17305,"title":"Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-17305\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/north-america\/us-west\/aspen\/restaurants\/cloud-nine-alpine-bistro?restauranttype=great-view\">Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Aspen Highlands, 76 Boomerang Road<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"39.1822434,-106.85622160000003","type":"current","show":1},{"id":17132,"title":"Ajax Tavern","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-17132\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/\/destinations\/north-america\/us-west\/aspen\/restaurants\/ajax-tavern?restauranttype=great-view\">Ajax Tavern<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">685 East Durant Ave.<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"39.1865747,-106.81746290000001","type":"current","show":1}]

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