Indagare Team Travel: 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new travel resolutions. The Indagare team is already planning another year of adventure, exploration and responsible travel. From a Japanese ski resort to a little-known Atlantic archipelago, here are the destinations that we are most excited to visit.

Inspired by one of our resolutions? Contact our team for assistance planning a trip to your dream 2019 destination. Our specialists can match you with the destinations that are right for you, plan great meals and activities, introduce you to our favorite guides and arrange for special access.  

Melissa Biggs Bradley
What: In 2019, I hope to be more involved in increasing awareness of responsible travel and to share the incredible benefits of travel with an even wider audience through my work on the boards of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and Reach the World. I am looking forward to visiting Lebanon, where I head next week to scout our Insider Journey with Architectural Digest and to Ethiopia, where I will lead our Insider Journey in the fall.

Blair West
Where: Azores
Why: Some say this little-known archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (and an autonomous region of Portugal) is the next Iceland thanks to its otherworldly, adventure-filled landscapes. But beyond its stunning scenery, cultural draws include vineyards, superb family-owned restaurants and charming boutique hotels.

Emma Pierce
Where: Japan
Why: Japan has always been on my bucket list and I’ve already begun planning a trip to report on the destination ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Plus, the ski resort of Niseko is blossoming with several new luxury hotels opening in 2019 and 2020, including the Ritz Carlton and Park Hyatt.

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Simone Girner
Where: Corsica & Cambodia
I’ve lived in France and traveled all over the country, but I have never been to Corsica and am planning a trip there in the early spring. I’m especially interested in the wilder northern coast, where the newish Misincu hotel has been receiving raves. Thanks to many new exciting hotel openings in Cambodia, there’s a true circuit now between Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the southern coast. I’m most excited to stay at Shinta Mani Wild, a tented camp hotel in a gorgeous-looking forest.

Sarah Levine
Where: Thailand
Why: I am hoping to return to my favorite country in the world again next year. I can’t stop dreaming of the emerald lagoons, incredible street cuisine and warm hospitality. Visiting the Six Senses Yao Noi is high on my bucket list.

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Lisa Kolodny
What: Making more time to travel. With two young kids at home, it has been hard to prioritize travel. But working at Indagare, I am reminded daily of how important it is to venture out into the world and be a global citizen. So, this year, I am focused on a couple of family trips: sailing in the Abacos, and a surprise weekend with my husband (still to be planned, but Blackberry Farm is a dream). My personal dream is to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Eliza Harris
Where: Ladakh, India
Why: To celebrate my 50th birthday, I plan to fulfill a longtime dream and go hiking in the Himalayas with my husband and some friends. We will stay in refurbished village houses and visit Buddhist monasteries, experiencing both cultural immersion and one of the most majestic landscapes on earth.

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Janine Yu
Where: Bolivia
Why: There are lots of exciting developments, including a tented dome camp called Kachi Lodge opening in the Uyuni Salt Flats. La Paz’s distinctive culture is stepping onto the world’s stage as well; I’m especially excited to see the cholitas (female wrestlers) and explore the exciting food scene, including the city’s innovative restaurants like Gustu, Ona and Ali Pacha.

Elise Bronzo
Where: Brazil
Why: My father was born in a small town outside of Sao Paulo called Campinas while my grandparents were living and working there—and I’ve never been. I’ve heard about the beautiful landscapes, the warm people, the food and the art from my family for years, and now that Zika is more controlled, it’s time to go. I’m particularly excited to dance in Rio and to visit Inhotim, an an open-air sculpture park designed by famed Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

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Samantha Rifkin
Where: Bhutan
Why: I look forward to experiencing the spirituality, serenity and stunning Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan. The country is also expanding its luxury offerings with the arrival of several Six Senses properties.

Nikki Erlick
Where: Bavaria
Why: This region of Germany combines picturesque rural landscapes, medieval architecture and iconic sites, such as the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle and the UNESCO-protected Bamberg, with complex layers of history to be explored in Munich, Nuremberg and beyond.

Shoshana Balistierri
What: In 2019, I hope to give back to my local and global community through service and stewardship. I’d like to continue my work with the non-profit organization Maloto and raise awareness for the amazing work that is being done to feed, educate and empower women and children in northern Malawi.

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Rose Allen
Where: Tanzania
Why: Having been on safari in South Africa and Zambia, gorilla trekking through Uganda and a remote adventure through Namibia, I am so excited to visit the classic African destination of storybooks—Tanzania.

Jen Barr
What: To be fully present and more mindful of the sights and sounds around me, wherever I am, is one of my travel resolutions. This year I want to go to Marrakech, the Rhode Island Coast, New Orleans, and revisit southern Italy. I will be making a few trips up and down the East Coast—from North Carolina to Maine—touring colleges with my son.

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Brian Cloud
Where: Italy
Why: For a babymoon with my expecting wife! Neither of us has been south of Rome, and we really wanted something abroad that could be reached by a manageable flight.

Avery Carmichael
Where: Turkey
Why: With so many changes occurring politically, socially and economically, Turkey is one of the most fascinating destinations on my radar, and the one I’m most hoping to venture to this year! From the vibrant architecture of Istanbul to the unique topography of Cappadocia to the stylish Turkish Riviera, Turkey is back and better than ever. And, with a new airport and a ton of new properties across the country (Six Senses Kaplankaya) being the most enticing, the luxury market is growing and growing!

Alyssa Yanover
Where: Thailand
Why: As an artist, I’ve been dreaming of venturing to a land of vibrant colors and breathtaking views. I’m looking forward to gaining inspiration for my sculptures, venturing through the jungle and eating plenty of street food!

Inspired by one of our resolutions? Contact our team for assistance planning a trip to your dream 2019 destination. Our specialists can match you with the destinations that are right for you, plan great meals and activities, introduce you to our favorite guides and arrange for special access.

– Blair West on January 2, 2019

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