Indagare Ambassador: Jill Kargman

Equal parts scathingly funny and brutally honest, actress and author Jill Kargman has made a name for herself as a bonafide social commentator. Her works, including her hit Bravo show Odd Mom Out, have been praised for their satirical portrayals of life on the Upper East Side of New York. Read on as Indagare speaks to the comedian about the third season of her television show (airing July 12), her world travels and her favorite spots in her hometown of NYC.

Congratulations on the upcoming third season of Odd Mom Out. What are you excited about in this next season? 
I’m so psyched about our killer guests stars, including Dave Navarro, Wendy Williams, Christine Taylor, Peter Scolari and more.

You have been praised for your many works that poke fun at stereotypes. What do you look for in roles and pieces?
I have? Cool!  This sounds über-cheesy but I always just kind of trust my gut.   

You are a born and bred New Yorker. What are some of your favorite restaurants here?
Right now we love Augustine in the financial district. I dream about the cheese soufflé with horseradish cream sauce! We are professional brunchers: favorites include Cookshop, Freeman’s, Egg (109 N 3rd St) and Dudley’s (85 Orchard St).

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Where do you take out-of-town friends when they visit?

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Which cities, besides your own, most inspire you?
I love any walking city like Paris or London, but recently sniffed out the hipster neighborhoods in Detroit and Atlanta which were super edgy and cool.

What are some of your favorite items to buy abroad and do you have specific stores to shop in? 
Leather goods from Una Burke in London, clothes not everyone will have from Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Colette in Paris.

Colette Paris

Can you think of a moment that made you fall in love with travel? (at Indagare, we might call this a ‘transformative travel moment’)
I graduated college in three years and saved my parents a shitload of money, so I asked them if I could take some of the dough and travel. I went around the world alone and realized New Yorkers can handle just about anything! I remember climbing the Duomo or taking the subways in Tokyo, and I realized that I love being independent and reading maps and not relying on anyone else to guide me.

Have you had particularly memorable trips with your family that you would recommend to others?
We went on an incredible safari at Christmas that was life-changing.

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What are some destinations on your travel wishlist?
I want to go to Northern Ireland since I loved Ireland and am intrigued by the violent but beautiful history.

What is always in your carry-on bag?
Dopp kit, folded dresses, spare shoes, undies, hairbrush and that’s it. I’m a light packer.

What is your favorite travel splurge?
Spa stuff

What is your favorite travel ritual? 

What is your favorite long weekend getaway?
Glenmere Mansion.

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City, beach, desert or mountains?

Mountains: Baldy in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Name a destination that surprised you and tell us why. 
Everyone said Prague is the new Paris. Bullshit. Paris is the only Paris.

Do you have a favorite hotel?
Singita Ebony in South Africa.

– Blair West on July 11, 2017



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