Indagare Favorites: Wellness Escapes

Whether we seek to disconnect from the outside world, challenge ourselves or relax in style (or all of the above), a restorative getaway is often the perfect way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Here, we have rounded up our favorite wellness-focused properties, each with their own emphasis—from spiritual to intellectual.

Contact Indagare for assistance planning a wellness vacation. Our specialists can match you with just the right active or pampering destination.

For Spiritual Exploration: Mii amo

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For a Far-Flung Eco-Escape: The Brando

Those in search of a down-to-earth and sustainably minded getaway should journey to this gorgeous atoll in the South Pacific—which boasts enough natural beauty to make a hermit out of anyone. Guests can follow in the footsteps of Marlon Brando (who fell in love with the island and lived there in relative isolation in the 1960s) and sink their feet in the sand at this stunning, progressive resort. The level to which the luxurious, all-inclusive retreat takes its sustainability is truly remarkable, as the Brando employs scientists to carry out environmental projects on site and encourages guests to learn about their green facilities. Visitors will be wowed by the property’s pristine setting (allowing for top-notch water activities) and fantastic dining, though the heart and soul of the resort is the Brando’s friendly staff members, many of whom hail from French Polynesia.

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For a Classic European Spa: SHA Wellness Clinic

This wellness spa on Spain’s southeastern coast touts a variety of exercise programs including yoga, tennis, Pilates and personal training. The resort’s 250 specialists encourage guests to reevaluate and re-center their minds and bodies through daily fitness classes and information sessions covering topics like emotional intelligence and detoxing. Facilities are world-class: there is a state-of-the-art, 28-station hydrotherapy circuit that includes Roman and Turkish baths, bio-thermal showers, therapeutic water jets, a sauna and more. Those with a particular goal can enroll in one of the specific programs (recommended 7-14 days), which target such areas as weight loss and fitness, quitting smoking, managing stress and optimizing health and life expectancy.

For a Physical Challenge: Ranch at Live Oak

Foodies and oenophiles rejoice; the Six Senses Douro Valley offers wellness- seeking travelers the best of both words: a stunning setting in which to relax and recharge, plus sensational food and wine. A bona fide ‘destination property,’ the salmon-colored 19th-century manor is tucked into the hillside above the banks of Portugal’s idyllic Douro Valley. There, the 24,000-square-foot spa offers innovative wellness programs (like stress treatments and make-your-own skincare workshops) that guests enjoy along with excursions to local towns and wineries. Plus, the resort’s delicious cuisine marries healthful minded dishes with Portuguese classics to showcase the region’s wonderful local flavors.

Contact Indagare for assistance planning a wellness vacation. Our specialists can match you with just the right active or pampering destination.

– Blair West on February 10, 2017

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