Indagare Team Travel: New Year’s Resolutions

As we head into 2018, the Indagare team is looking forward to another year of adventure and exploration across the globe. From the United States’ vast national parks to the booming metropolises of the Middle East, here are the destinations that we are most excited to visit.

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Janine Yu
Where: Ethiopia
Why: “Ethiopia is fascinating to me as an emerging destination. This is a land of extraordinary history—the Great Rift Valley, home to early humans, and medieval, rock-hewn churches.”

Sarah Levine
Where: Madagascar
Why: “This is my dream destination because of its untouched nature full of baobab trees, limestone forests and diverse wildlife, as well a stylish new resort: Miavana.”

Allegra Milch
Where: Rwanda and South Africa
Why: “On this trip, I will go trekking with gorillas in Rwanda, shark-diving in Cape Town and embark on food and wine tours in the Winelands.”

Elizabeth Harvey
Where: Botswana
Why: “Having worked on our Insider Journey to Botswana, I am completely infatuated with the country’s stunning properties, untouched landscapes and awe-inspiring wildlife, like elephants, giraffes and lions.”

Gabrielle DuCharme
Where: Marrakech
Why: “I dream of wandering through the colorful souks and gorgeous gardens, soaking in the diverse culture and visiting the newly opened YSL Museum.”

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Shoshana Balistierri
Where: Cambodia
Why: “I am going to Cambodia in honor of my 30th birthday milestone. For me, Cambodia is about history and humanity. I want to walk into the next phase of my life in a place that has grown, evolved, suffered and learned from the unevenness of life.”

Blair West
Where: The Silk Road in Central Asia
Why: “This ancient route served as an intersection for countless civilizations throughout history. Countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are stepping onto the world’s stage this year due to their dynamic cultural offerings, futuristic cities and well-preserved Islamic mosques. Plus, Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, is welcoming several luxury hotels (including a St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton), which will surely beckon more curious travelers.”

Angela Denny
Where: Sri Lanka
Why: “I am so excited to experience the amazing diversity of Sri Lanka’s landscape and the gracious hospitality that is embedded in its culture.”

Caroline Hansen
Where: Bhutan
Why: “I want to experience the immense natural beauty and authentic culture of this country while reconnecting spiritually. Bhutan is primarily Buddhist and attracts many travelers who come seeking enlightenment, healing and meditation. Some journalists consider it to be one of the last authentic places on earth because the government limits tourism.”

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Ramona Bass
Where: Northern France
Why: “This November will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and as a history fanatic I want to see the battlefields, memorials and French villages where so many battles took place. In the town of Verdun, the ground is still covered with holes from bombs that fell a century ago.”

Simone Girner
Where: Umbria, Italy
Why: “My Italian teacher has an olive farm in Umbria, where he grew up, and he has invited my husband, Julian, and me to help with the olive harvest next year. We are excited to take a road trip. Top of my list are Assisi (for those frescoes, of course), hiking on Monte Subasio, near Spello, and experiencing Palazzo Seneca, a hotel that has been highly recommended by friends.”

Emma Pierce
Where: Poland
Why: “I’ve always wanted to visit, and thanks to some exciting new openings in Warsaw, including a new Raffles hotel, now seems like a great time to experience the country before it becomes crowded.”

Annabel Learner
Where: Amsterdam
Why: “I grew up in London, which is only an hour away from Amsterdam by plane, but I never got the chance to visit. I love cities that are easy to navigate by foot or bike, where you can stumble upon authentic restaurants and boutique shops and meet the locals. I also really want to visit the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.”


Shoshana Balistierri
Where: Israel
Why: “I always learn more about myself every time I step foot in Israel. It’s such a complex, beautiful country. If I want soul, I can weave in and out of the alleys of Jerusalem. If I want life and vitality, I can go to Tel Aviv. If I want innovation, I can see the progress taking place in Herzliya. If I want tradition, I can go to the farming communities based in a Negev kibbutz.”

Rose Allen
Where: Israel and Jordan, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Petra, Wadi Rum desert, Aqaba, the Dead Sea and Amman.
Why: “I want to immerse myself in and learn about these two cultures.”

Eliza Harris
Where: United Arab Emirates
Why: “I have never been to the Middle East and am excited to see the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi.”

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Missy Weil
Where: Yellowstone National Park
Why: “I want to enjoy the beauty of America’s great outdoors, whose enormous scope and grandeur is often overlooked by Americans because it is so close to home.”

Anna Idler
Where: Moab, Utah
Why: “In March, I will be running the Canyonlands Half Marathon, a 13.1 mile race that winds along the Colorado River and through the huge red-rock formations of Arches National Park. This race will test my endurance, as well as allow me to explore the stunning national park.”

Natalie Biedron
Where: Tulum and Riviera Maya, Mexico
Why: “Whale sharks flock to the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean shores during the months of July and August, and I am excited to swim with them. I will then visit Tulum to experience the laid-back boho vibe that Indagare colleagues and members rave about.”

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Kelly Brennan
Where: Patagonia
Why: “I want to experience Patagonia’s stunning dramatic landscapes, beautiful remote lodges and activity-centered days.”

Kial Church
Where: Machu Picchu, Peru
Why: “Machu Picchu has always topped my list of places to go. I would love to learn more about the history of the Inca people while also enjoying hiking and other outdoors activities on offer through our favorite lodges.”

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Inspired by one of our resolutions? Indagare specialists can match you with the destinations and hotels that are right for you, plan great meals and activities, introduce you to our favorite guides and arrange for special access.  

– Indagare on January 5, 2018

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