Selinda Camp Botswana

Courtesy Great Plains Conservation

The inaugural edition of The Indagare Index is a celebration of quality and excellence in hospitality at 159 hotels, resorts, lodges and retreats in 50 countries on six continents. The properties reflect both our team’s and members’ favorites. They are hotels (and a few boats, too) that always delight, amaze and deliver, in ways both small and large, and whose highlights taken together create moments to remember. We are thrilled to introduce you, our community, to this curated list and hope it will inspire dreams of your next journeys, whenever those may be.
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Top 10s: Hotels by Passion

Our picks of the hotels, resorts and lodges for many of the top categories we get asked about by our members.


How We Choose Our Partners

Selecting the right hotel partners for our members operates as a virtuous circle of our community and our team: This special group is at that magical intersection of the properties that have most impressed Indagare during scouting trips, first-hand inspections and stays, those that we book most frequently and those that have earned the best feedback from our members. (We have also included a few select yachts that matched this criteria.)

In short: The Indagare Index represents the Indagare tried-and-true. As a result of our relationships with our partners and the shared intelligence of our community, our members enjoy preferential treatment, extra perks and upgrades. Inclusion in the Indagare Index is by invitation only.

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