Kathryn Kruszynski, Bookings Team

Travel Operations Assistant
Days before her 22nd birthday, Kathryn boarded a flight to Nairobi after spending most of her life in a small Midwestern city. Since that long and fateful journey, her adventures have brought her to the extraterrestrial salt flats of the Atacama, the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the middle of the Pacific Ocean amongst the moai. She continually seeks destinations and experiences that take her to extremes and push her comfort zones. No matter how close or far from home, an opportunity to connect with people and share an experience is something she profoundly values in life.

Prior to Indagare, Kathryn worked in boutique travel agencies and the fashion industry. She makes a point to shop at local stores on each trip and is still involved in advocating for sustainable fashion. Kathryn also sits on the leadership team for Millennials in Travel and helps create meaningful networking opportunities. She currently lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and their mischievous rabbit. In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying live music, curating her closet, trying new restaurants and taking her rabbit for walks in the park.

Dream Destinations
New Zealand, Antarctica and Indonesia

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