Ried Stelly, Bookings Team

Trip Designer
As a longtime globetrotter, Ried believes that the magic of travel exists in connecting with others. Some of his most transformative travel experiences have occurred when interacting with locals, whether partaking in a spiritual ceremony in Tibet or dancing the Tango in Argentina. Combining this philosophy with his zest for adventure, Ried loves wandering through cities, connecting with nature through hiking and learning new languages—even if just a few words. He is also a self-proclaimed foodie and attributes his love of international cuisine to his experiences living in both France and China. Before joining Indagare, Ried worked in Beijing as an educational consultant.

Most memorable travel experiences:
Standing in Moscow's Red Square during a snowstorm; crossing a 4,000-meter mountain pass in Tibet with panoramic views of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas

Most Memorable Meal:
Chilean sea bass with encrusted squid ink tempura, pea mash, and a glass of perfectly chilled rosé at the Four Seasons Palm Beach

Travel Wish List:
Egypt, Bhutan, Myanmar, India, Antarctica

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