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Villas<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.78327278650538,-72.20912218093872","type":"restaurant","show":0},{"id":15364,"title":"COMO Parrot Cay","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-15364\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/como-parrot-cay\">COMO Parrot Cay<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.9287183,-72.05991379999999","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":64722,"title":"Wymara Resort and Villas","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-64722\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/gansevoort\">Wymara Resort and Villas<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Grace Bay Beach<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.783173159120715,-72.208993434906","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":15366,"title":"Grace Bay Club","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-15366\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/grace-bay-club\">Grace Bay Club<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Grace Bay Circle Road, Providenciales<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.799402,-72.173011","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":15368,"title":"The Palms Turks and Caicos","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-15368\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/regent-palms\">The Palms Turks and Caicos<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.792448,-72.191597","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":126395,"title":"The Shore Club","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-126395\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/the-shore-club\">The Shore Club<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\">Long Bay Beach<\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.7708411,-72.16392689999998","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":15455,"title":"Villas to Rent","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-15455\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/hotels\/villas-rent-2\">Villas to Rent<\/a><\/h3><div class=\"popup-address\"><\/div><\/div>","coordinates":"21.7737654,-72.271908","type":"hotel","show":0},{"id":64715,"title":"Boat Charters","content":"<div class=\"markercontent\" id=\"markercontent-64715\"><h3><a class=\"more\" target=\"_blank\" href=\"https:\/\/www.indagare.com\/destinations\/caribbean-caribbean\/turks-caicos\/activities\/boat-charters-3\">Boat Charters<\/a><\/h3><div 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Asian-inspired, romantic, tranquil

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos +1 649-941-8133 From the U.S.: 866-941-8133 www.aman.com

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At a Glance

Set on Providenciales, the Turks & Caicos’s main island, Amanyara has Asian minimalist design and pampering service that goes above and beyond. This secluded estate welcomes guests with a calming presence from the moment they arrive and cast their eyes on the 164-foot-long infinity pool made of Indonesian black volcanic rock. The resort comprises 36 pavilions as well as 18 private villas scattered around ponds, along the beach and on black rock ledges overlooking the sea. Each freestanding pavilion has an open floor plan with soaring ceilings and large glass doors that lead to a generously sized patio. Highlighting Aman’s prominent design features, the villas are modern and minimalist. During the day, enjoy the gorgeous beach, extensive fitness center and spa, water activities (including paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and more) followed by aperitifs at sunset. Here, you’re in the capable hands of an excellent team that works hard behind the scenes to make the experience feel effortless.

The Standout: The infinity pool (a true showstopper) and the excellent, serene spa
Don’t Miss: Snorkeling or diving on the nearby Northwest Point, an almost five-mile-long reef

Indagare Loves

  • Secluded pavilions that feel more like a private retreat than a hotel room
  • The sleek infinity pool built from Indonesian volcanic rock
  • Sunset cocktails from one of the upholstered window seats in the Amanyara’s soaring round bar

Amanyara Review

After a 10-minute drive through the tangled landscapes of northwest Provo’s nature preserve, down a bumpy, unpaved road, Amanyara guests walk through the soaring entrance hall and end up in a courtyard with an enormous reflecting pool. The calm water is surrounded by a collection of wooden buildings that lead the eye toward a dramatic infinity pool and on to the turquoise sea. It doesn’t look even remotely Caribbean, but it’s so breathtaking that you can’t help but feel thankful you’ve arrived—wherever you may be.

Overall, Amanyara can feel like a dream, which is, of course, part of the genius of the brand, which has made an art of the fusion of haute design (and haute prices), a laissez-faire ambience and the illusion of a totally responsibility-free vacation. There are no set meal times, no minimum ages or date restrictions for kids, no dress code and no checks to sign (whatever you order is automatically charged to your room). Guests, whether first-timers or Aman junkies, are made to feel part of the club, encouraging you to do what you want, when you want. Of course, there’s a large and excellent staff working hard behind the scenes to make the experience feel effortless.

The resort is made up of 36 so-called pavilions as well as 18 private villas, which are scattered around ponds, along the beach and on black rock ledges overlooking the sea. Each pavilion is a freestanding structure with an open floor plan, a soaring ceiling and large sliding glass doors that lead to a generously sized patio. They’re true designer pads: uncluttered (there’s not a single superfluous chair), sleek (an abundance of teak is used) and minimalist (the supremely comfortable beds sit in the middle of the room on futon-like frames set close to the floor). There’s a soaking tub in the center of the spacious bathroom, which doubles as a dressing room, and the only things separated from the rest of the room—with a sliding door—are the toilet and the shower. There are 17 pavilions that have ocean views; note that the less expensive partial-ocean view pavilions are set back a little, so while they don’t have uninterrupted vistas, you can still see the sea.

It takes willpower to leave the pavilions—I have never wanted to stay put in a hotel room the way I did here—but Amanyara has been conceived around comfort and relaxation. Every two yards, it seems, there’s another oversize daybed or cushy lounger that invites reading and daydreaming, and as soon as you sit, a member of the exceptional staff materializes to offer food and drink. My favorite spot was one of the upholstered window seats in Amanyara’s soaring round bar, which has prime sunset-watching views.

Perched on the edge of the resort, the 164-foot-long infinity pool is made of black volcanic rock from Indonesia and framed by three enormous daybeds (salas) and boasts incredible views. The gorgeous beach, however, beckons with powder soft sand and ample activities including paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing and more. At sunset, most guests gather at the poolside bar for an aperitif, and a recent visit revealed that while there’s no official dress code, this is not your sarong-and-flip-flop kind of resort: styles ranged from a woman in a form-fitting strapless black dress and pearl choker to a young man sporting Pumas, a hipster haircut and a fedora.

The Amanyara spa is housed in one of the private villas and centered around a pool. It offers Thai massage, yoga and Pilates instruction as well as a full range of spa treatments. There are tennis courts and a fabulous, well-equipped gym, but most guests come here for relaxing and pampering, not to chase balls in 80-degree heat. Divers, however, will be thrilled by the proximity of Northwest Point, an almost five-mile-long reef.

Before you book, be aware that besides Parrot Cay, Amanyara is the most expensive resort in TCI. The minibar (stocked with tasty treats like herb-covered crostini, chocolates and San Pellegrino lemonade) is complimentary, as are all phone calls, but food here is pricey (think $11 for a juice, $18 for a cocktail and $35 for a bagel and lox at breakfast). If you think you’ll be eating most of your meals at the resort, consider looking into packages that include some or all meals.

Indagare Tip: Pavilion No. 115 has its own private stretch of beach.

Who Should Stay

Those seeking a private, high-touch sanctuary. Travelers who are interested in design and who enjoy a secluded, remote location where days are all about lounging, reading and spending quality time with your spouse or partner. The resort does work for families, too, but the vibe is a bit hushed.

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  1. Indagare
    5:49 pm | February 8, 2012

    From an Indagare member: “The ease of travel from NYC is fabulous, the service is wonderful, and the property is lovely and peaceful, and has a gym and 2 tennis courts. There’s no need to leave property and not really any reason to leave. I definitely recommend the ocean-facing villas, we raised our blinds one day and could see the February whale migration. It’s a great quick getaway; the children who were there were lovely, but it’s a grown-up place and not so appealing for families.”

  2. Indagare
    5:45 pm | January 25, 2013

    From an Indagare member: “Even with fair warning from Indagare, the food and bar prices were staggering, especially given the tiny portions. It felt a bit nickel and dime-y, although in this case 50’s and 100’s. Since there is little local flavor there, we went off property one night to Da Conch Shack and had a nice laid back meal on the beach with an island vibe.”

  3. Indagare
    10:43 pm | July 22, 2014

    From an Indagare member:
    “We really liked Amanyara, but it does have a minimalist Asian feel, so those looking for a typical palm tree–filled landscape might be happier at Parrot Cay. I took a tour and was able to see many of the rooms, all of which were beautiful, and we loved that the villas have outdoor showers. It is definitely worth it to pay a bit more for an ocean view pavilion. All rooms have different views and locations, so it is important to ask about specifics when booking—our two-bedroom pool pavilion suite was fabulous, but had no view.

    “The food prices at Amanyara were outrageous, and room service took quite a long time, which was rather annoying by the end of our stay. Other than these exceptions, the service was excellent, and many of the resort activities were included in the price; one day we went snorkeling, and we even rented out the movie theater for the kids for no additional fee.

    “The beach and the main pool are fabulous, and there were tons of kids and lots of family-friendly activities. With that said, the Amanyara was still very serene and peaceful, and definitely quieter than Parrot Cay. Guests ride bikes around the property making it feel like an upscale camp, which was very fun. It would have been nice if there was a touch more music in the evening, because there is really no nightlife. All in all, it was an amazing trip and getting there was so easy. The kids had a blast and the adults were super relaxed!”

  4. Indagare
    5:02 pm | February 13, 2018

    From Indagare member Leigh Johnson: “Overall we thought it was a stunning hotel, with great service and amazing views. From the moment we got to the island we felt welcomed and taken care of. Getting through customs was a breeze and our Amanyara Land Rover was waiting for us right outside and took us swiftly to the hotel while playing some Bob Marley. Upon arrival we were greeted by Serge, the GM and the rest of the Aman staff. When we arrived to our room we had a beautiful bottle of a 2006 Dom Perignon which was beyond what we expected. Our room, 128, was a stunning Ocean Cove Pavilion that I would recommend to anyone willing to spend a little more on accommodations. We had our own private beach and ocean with views of the humpbacks migrating every morning. We were able to have full sunset views from the room and were able to wake up and get right into the ocean. The property was easily navigated by the bikes on property and we had no issues getting around. The overall feel of Amanyara was much more energetic compared to the other Aman properties we have visited as they were at full capacity. That being said, we still felt like we were very much alone at times.
    We did a lot of the beach activities including snorkeling, paddle boarding and a boat tour which were so much fun! The beach boys were beyond helpful and always willing to let us take out whatever toys we wanted. The sand was very plush and the ocean was so clear and beautiful. Our spa treatments were very impressive: I had a wonderful Amanyara massage that was beyond amazing and my husband had an underwater massage which he raved about. The food was expensive just as you had warned us. I will say the food was very good for an island and some dishes were outstanding while others were just okay. Overall I thought the property, service and quality were all beyond what was expected and met the standards of the Aman brand. Our Pavilion was the highlight of the trip as we used the little beach cove a lot. It would be hard to go back and not get a similar room.”

    I think my only complaint would be the lack of wildlife compared to other island like Canouan or Barbados. While we did see whales from afar, on land it just didn’t have that magical island feeling. Hard to really put into words.

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