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Australia Other Recommended Hotels

The luxurious resorts found throughout Australia are as unique as the continent itself. This is a land of unforgettable beaches, stunning mountains, remarkable coral reefs and breathtaking deserts.

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Lay of the Land

Covering an area of almost three million miles, mainland Australia is the world’s largest island and also its smallest continent. It has some of the most distinctive and diverse natural environments, with unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes. Understanding the essence of Australia entails time at the beach and in the bush, an Aussie term that refers to the countryside or wilderness of the Outback. From rugged mountain ranges and majestic gorges, the Outback epitomizes Australia’s spirit and identity. Most visitors know that traveling here requires a big trip as it’s a long flight from anywhere, but what many don’t realize is that it is also a very big country. Planning a circuit of Outback lodges is tricky and will require several domestic flights.

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