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Adventures may be had at any season of year, but different places present peak experiences at different times. Here, we map out the best times of year to visit some classic adventure destinations so you can conquer a new challenge every season.

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September – November

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into fall, a number of the best destinations for hiking beckon with cool temperatures and beautiful foliage. Particularly lovely are San Francisco, a city built on myriad hills, and Hawaii, with volcanoes to summit in addition to its renowned surfing and other water sports, like sea kayaking. One of the best far-flung autumnal destinations is Bhutan, where the ascent to the Tiger’s Nest monastery is deservedly famous.

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The Southern Hemisphere’s summer is peak season in classic adventure destinations like South Africa, Patagonia and Australia. Those seeking more unusual thrills might visit the Philippines, for sailing and island hopping, or Antarctica, to watch penguins hatch in the planet’s deep south.

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March – May

Spring is one of the prime times (along with fall) to tour the American West and its stunning natural parks. It is also a great season to cross off your bucket list destinations like Peru and New Zealand. Both have world-class hiking and the latter also offers daring activities like bungee jumping, helicoptering to glaciers and paragliding.

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June – August

– Emma Pierce on November 8, 2017



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