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Making the decision to go to Santorini is a great first step, but if you don’t know where to stay, you’re going to be stuck before you start. Every hotel on the Greek island has its own little spirit that subtly influences the shape of your trip. Yes, from pictures, it all looks like whitewashed buildings tumbling down a cliff, so choosing between them is like playing Russian Roulette—with only slightly less dire consequences. So what do you do? You keep reading. Here is a breakdown of the Indagare-adored properties on Santorini, and who they’re right for.

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The Sleek Stunner: Kirini Suites & Spa

This all-suite property boasts the most beautiful views in Oia and a sophisticated décor that makes it a truly luxurious hideaway.

  • Vibe: Stylish, contemporary, elegant
  • Location: Set 10 minutes from Oia—far enough removed to be blissfully secluded but close enough for guests to easily walk into town for meals—the 21-suite Kirini boasts a prime location for views of the caldera and town.
  • Best For: Travelers who value chic, contemporary décor over traditional style will love Kirini. The hands-on staff and ample on-site amenities make this hotel one of the most appealing options on the island.
  • Room to Book: One of the suites that boasts a plunge pool and private terrace
  • Keep in Mind: The fitness center is the size of a private home gym, and it must be booked ahead of time (reserve early as the early mornings and late afternoons book up in advance)
  • Age Limit: No children under 13 years old

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The Luxurious Retreat: Katikies

The cliff-top, sea-view Katikies (and sister hotel to Kirini) is located right in Oia town but offers a chic escape from the crowds.

  • Vibe: Swanky, romantic, sea views
  • Location: In Oia and within a 5-minute walk to the best restaurants and shops in town.
  • Best For: Couples or families with older children who will appreciate the three on-property pools.
  • Room to Book: All of the 34 rooms are designed differently and sprinkled along the hillside; book a room at the top if mobility is an issue.
  • Keep in Mind: While the hotel is very private, because of its location in the center of Oia, the occasional tourist will accidentally wander into the property.
  • Age Limit: No children under 13 years old

The Classic Experience: Canaves Oia (Suites)

A Santorini classic, Canaves Oia could really be enjoyed by just about everybody. (Note that the property is made up of the Hotel and the Suites and the latter is the superior option.) The classical design of the suites is iconic Santorini, with bright whites and bougainvillea.

  • Vibe: Boutique, romantic, elegant
  • Location: In the center of Oia
  • Best For: Sophisticated couples who appreciate quality service and facilities.
  • Room to Book: The two-story, two-bedroom suites. The bedroom on the second floor has the best views of any room in Oia.
  • Keep in Mind: Compared to the Canaves Hotel, the Suites have larger rooms and is where the gym, spa, and restaurant are located.
  • Age Limit: No children under 16 years old

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The Iconic Traditionalist: Perivolas

Perivolas is the hotel that put Santorini on the map, and it remains the most traditional property. It’s built amphitheatrically on the rim of Santorini’s dramatic caldera, with connecting rooms and suites carved out of the rock face.

  • Vibe: Laid-back, bohemian, famous infinity pool
  • Location: On the outskirts of Oia and right next to Kirini.
  • Best For: Older couples who want a quiet atmosphere and simple design aesthetic.
  • Room to Book: One of the large suites, which have more space and feel more upscale.
  • Keep in Mind: While Perivolas has graced countless magazine covers thanks to its iconic infinity pool, the rooms could use a refresh.
  • Age Limit: No children under 16 years old

The Secluded Hideaway: Grace Santorini

Located in the small town of Imerovigli, the Grace offers dramatic views over Santorini’s caldera and a contemporary design scheme.

  • Vibe: Sleek, contemporary, off-the-beaten-path
  • Location: In the northwest of Santorini, a 15-minute drive from Oia
  • Best For: Couples or adults who favor pristine rooms, contemporary amenities and dramatic caldera views and don’t mind a semi-inconvenient location.
  • Room to Book: The property’s two-bedroom Villa includes its own spa, kitchen, wine cellar and swimming pool.
  • Keep in Mind: While the Grace has stunning interiors and a beautiful property, guests staying here will have to take a taxi almost everywhere.
  • Age Limit: No children under 14 years old

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The Family Oasis: Vedema

There’s very little else on Santorini that compares to Vedema. Located on the south side of the island, where the caldera begins to veer to the west, Vedema is the only luxury hotel that allows children. That’s not to say it’s strictly family-friendly: built on top of a 400-year-old winery, Vedema still celebrates its vinter origins with restored original architecture and a serious wine-tasting schedule.

  • Vibe: Sprawling, Caribbean, oenophile haven
  • Location: In Megalochori
  • Best For: Families and those who don’t need to stay in the more popular town of Oia
  • Room to Book: The Pool Villa comes with front-row views to the sea, with a patio from which to gaze upon it.
  • Keep in Mind: Being located on the south side of the island requires taking a shuttle to get just about anywhere.
  • Age Limit: All ages welcome

The Playground: Mystique

The sister hotel to Vedema, Mystique is located in Oia and popular with a young crowd who appreciate its funky design (and can handle the steep property with lots of stairs).

  • Vibe: Young, playful, with many stairs
  • Location: Further down the cliff in Oia than many of its contemporaries, Mystique is just a bit further out of town than them as well.
  • Best For: Young couples
  • Room to Book: As with any hotel in Oia, suites are the best option, as they offer guests the most space.
  • Keep in Mind: The number of steps in the property should be seriously considered, as even in-shape guests will get tired after a day of walking up and down them.
  • Age Limit: No children under 14 years old

Villa Takeover: Erosantorini

Everybody wants the Santorini Sunset, but not everybody wants to deal with the Santorini crowds to get them. That’s where Erosantorini comes in. Located outside of Oia in a remote roadside getaway, this property opened in 2016 with four villas and every amenity and facility visitors might need. There’s a pool, Turkish hammam, outdoor kitchen (staffed by a year-round chef), stargazing stand, outdoor cinema and even a chapel. This property is only available for full buyouts.

  • Vibe: Exclusive, remote, fully serviced
  • Location: Located in the middle of the west side of the island, Erosantorini is a 20-minute drive from just about everywhere.
  • Best For: Large groups. Since the hotel must be fully bought out (all four villas at once), it is perfect for multi-generational families or groups of friends who want to visit Santorini and just enjoy each others’ company.
  • Keep in Mind: Erosantorini is the only major property on the island that’s open year-round. So for those interested an off-season Santorini visit, this is your place.
  • Age Limit: All ages welcome

Interested in traveling to Santorini? Contact Indagare for customized recommendations, tips and preferred pricing and amenities.

– Colin Heinrich on April 18, 2017


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