Foodie Travel Guide 2022: The 15 Best Cities for Everyone Who Loves Food

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From Michelin-starred Nordic gastronomy in Copenhagen to biscuits and broils in Charleston, excellent cuisine is often a determining factor for travelers when considering where to go next. With most of the world opening up to travelers again, Indagare rounds up 15 destinations with serious culinary cred to put on your radar for 2022. Be sure to check out our updated list of local vaccination requirements before you go.

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For such a small city, Copenhagen has a surprisingly large and varied culinary scene. From casual fish restaurants to several of the world’s Top 50 Michelin-starred culinary destinations, Copenhagen has something for everyone. We recommend a nice mix of the heavy hitters as well as local favorites.

New York

New York has fully reopened and its renowned restaurant scene is back (with proof of vaccination for indoor dining). Between old favorites that have stayed the course—many of them now debuting fresh remodels—and exciting new venues made for a big night out, you’ll have plenty to reserve ahead and look forward to, well into 2022.

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As astute foodies know, Peru’s food scene became one of the world’s most buzzed-about in the last decade. Ceviche, which is a national obsession, is traditionally eaten only at lunch, to be sure that the fish is fresh, and many of Lima’s best seafood restaurants are not open for dinner. Also, don’t miss trying coca tea, which is great for altitude sickness, and the national cocktail, a pisco sour.


Long revered for setting the global culinary standard, Paris remains home to some of the world’s top restaurants. From authentic French bistros to haute cuisine haunts, Parisian dining will delight both traditionalists and visionary foodies. Reservations for all restaurants should be made well in advance.

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Mexico City

Walk down any street in Mexico City and you will encounter the smell of hand-made tortillas and fresh tacos, but the city offers much more than just street cafés. In fact, the fine dining and gastronomic innovation make for an exciting culinary scene that is leading the way in Mexico City’s cultural revival.

  • Best Lunch: Contramar or Tetetlán
  • Best Snack: El Turix Tacos, Tsubomi Bakery or Molino El Pujol
  • Best Dinner: Pujol, Quintonil or Rosetta
  • Best Drink: Fifty Mils Bar at the Four Seasons Mexico City or Baltra Bar (we highly recommend trying Mezcal, neat. This local spirit has gained well-deserved international notoriety, and you will find many options that are only available in Mexico).
  • Iconic Bites: Al pastor tacos and tuna tostadas; a refreshing Michelada, a beer of your choice (go for a Mexican brand) poured over lime juice and ice, with a generous amount of salt around the rim.

Listen: James Oseland talks Mexico City Cuisine on the Indagare Podcast


Montreal’s culinary variety puts many of the world’s foodie cities to shame—in the course of a day and in a few-mile radius, a visitor can feast on a classic Montreal-style bagel (smaller, denser and sweeter than the New York variety), a bacon-and-cheddar sandwich bundled between two slabs of foie gras and a dry-aged filet mignon from a decades-old Jewish steakhouse.

Tokyo is one of the food capitals of the world, with an estimated 300,000 eating establishments ranging from tiny, nondescript noodle shops to fine kaiseki restaurants and wagyu beef institutions that can hold their own with the best in any of the world’s capitals. (Note: As of November 2021, Japan is still closed to U.S. travelers.)


You could easily plan an entire trip to Charleston just for its restaurants, with bike rides in between to work up an appetite for your next meal. The South Carolina charmer packs a lot into its small (in comparison to other cities on this list) package, from soulful Southern food to Low Country cooking, and excellent cocktails besides.

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– Indagare on November 17, 2021



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